AmaLinks Pro & Core Web Vitals

See how AmaLinks Pro performs in Google’s Core Web Vitals and page performance scores.

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How Does AmaLinks Pro optimize our plugin for Google’s Core Vitals and page performance?

  • Defer loading the AmaLinks Pro JavaScript file
  • JavaScript and CSS files are kept at a minimal file size
  • Showcases, Tables, and Image Links all have width and height HTML attributes
  • CSS and JavaScript assets are minimized for the smallest file size
  • Comparison Tables Advanced Features and responsiveness JavaScript doesn’t run until after the whole page has loaded to not block rendering
  • All Amazon API requests are made after the entire page has loaded to not block rendering

AmaLinks Pro Product Showcases

AmaLinks Pro displays the showcase images, title, affiliate links, and bullet points right away, and then AmaLinks Pro makes all Amazon API calls after the page has fully loaded to pull in the price and Prime availability.

AmaLinks Pro Comparison Table

Loading responsive tables isn’t easy because HTML tables are not responsive on their own. We must use JavaScript to make the tables responsive after they load to accomplish a comparison table that displays optimally on all screen sizes.

AmaLinks Pro loads the product table with all data stored in your database right away, giving your users a usable styled table as fast as possible, without holding up the entire page loading the table’s responsive JavaScript.

After the whole web page has loaded and Google’s core web vitals are pleased, only then can we add the responsiveness to the comparison tables.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Page Performance & Core Web Vital Tips

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